Invention Factory – How Will Mind Overcome Matter?

In this episode of Invention Factory, GE explores how scientists are harnessing the power of the mind to achieve what once seemed impossible. From microelectronic brain implants that allow us to control machines with our thoughts, to training the brain to push the body to new limits with big wave surfers like Maya Gabiera – they test the limits of human potential and see what we are truly capable of through science and technology. This is not science fiction, it is all possible and very real. Is this the next performance enhancer for athletes and/or cure for human impairments and conditions? Or is it a much more frightening and ominous next step toward Singularity and another tool for society to be controlled by artificial intelligence? (Just sayin.) Only time will tell!

Matt Titone

A goofy-footed graphic designer who hails from the first state, Delaware. After attending Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL then graduating from SCAD in Savannah, GA with a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration, Matt moved to NYC and found work as a freelance designer and art director. In 2006 he moved west to Venice, CA where he co-founded ITAL/C Studio and now resides a bit further north in Oxnard.

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