Celebrating coastal creative culture through projects, stories and wares, Indoek presents a curated perspective and considered aesthetic to the surfing lifestyle. Over the years we have fought growth and taken a “one at a time” approach to every passion project — whether it’s been a film piece, a book project, product collaboration, art show, or photo series. Born out of a passion for aquatic activities and a frustration with an industry that tends to misrepresent them, our goal is to elevate surf culture and champion the creative personalities who have shaped it over the years. Indoek has benefitted from a low pressure mentality as a home for the personal pursuits of Italic Studio. Slow and steady moves have gotten us here and that is the pace we are comfortable with. We started as a blog when that was a thing, evolved into a publisher of original content, and our next chapter is a physical space that will serve primarily as an art gallery in Ventura County, California. We hope you will visit us soon.