2013 Indoek Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again! We checked our list and checked it thrice. These are a few of our favorite things that we would love to see under our tree this year. Be sure to check back, we will be adding more items as we stumble upon them in the days leading up to Xmas.

It’s that time of year again! We checked our list and checked it thrice. These are a few of our favorite things that we would love to see under our tree this year. Be sure to check back, we will be adding more items as we stumble upon them in the days leading up to Xmas.

Poler Outdoor Stuff

Poler is one of those awesome brands that makes us feel like little kids again — we want everything!! This year they started their own outerwear line. Here are our favorite pieces from their collection that made it to the top of our wish list:

Tracker Anorak Down Jacket
Tohoma Glove

Best Made Co Knives

Who needs a gift guide when all you have to do is go to Best Made’s site? Among all the other gems are these rad knives that are perfect for any surfer on your list:

Ocean Master Knife
Douk-Douk Knife

Baggu Wetsuit Bag

Ok, we admit it, we already have this, but it is fucking awesome and you should have one too. Not only is it big enough for all your wet stuff, but it is super durable and tough, air tight, it folds up neatly when empty and is incredibly compact and portable, not to mention it looks so clean, slick and sophisticated, it looks at home in the city or in the outdoors. Whew, did we mention we love this thing? Just do yourself a favor and buy this for anyone you care about, including yourself.

Buy The Wetsuit Bag Now


If we could come up with the perfect clothing company that matched our aesthetic perfectly, this brand would be it. Since we don’t have our own company, we will just keep frothing over Ours. The wetsuits are incredibly rad, but here are a few of our winter faves from this season’s collection:

Burning Spear Top
Blue Caulfield Cardie
Mellow Moods Top
Carry Tote Bag

Reading Material

You read too much shit online. Get off the damn computer and read a book dammit. (Stop talking to yourself.) Here are a few of our suggestions to cozy up with and catch up on some reading with over the holiday break:

Saturdays Magazine #02
Peter Beard Book
Surf Is Where You Find It
Wax Magazine #3
Monster Children Book
Desillusion Mag

Harry’s Shave Kit

I hate shaving. I also hate all the poorly designed, crappy razors out there. Finally, there is a modestly priced, beautifully designed razor that actually works. Harry’s has a few different shave kit options on their site that make the perfect stocking stuffer for the stubbly one on your list:

The Winston Set

Indoek Wax Kit

What would a surf-centric holiday gift guide be without our own Indoek Wax Kit? The classic kit designed by Todd St. John now comes in 2 different wood options; Nogal and Tropical Oak or Roble. Both are hand crafted and made from fallen Nicaraguan hardwoods.

Buy Now Here

Organic Soap

Everybody uses soap (hopefully), so why not bath in some sustainable suds. These are our favorite all purpose human cleaners / outdoor shower accessories.

Dr. Bronners Juniper Ridge

BioLite Camp Stove

Forget the fuel on your next camping trip. Charge your gadgets with a small fire that can also cook your food. The heat from the fire generates electricity via a thermoelectric generator to power a fan creating airflow for improved combustion. Surplus electricity is sent to the USB port for charging devices. Cuz you know you can’t miss out on all those Instagrams while your supposed to be taking a break from technology!

Buy Now

Surf Staples

Every surfer needs wax, fins, and a leash (at least at some point). Here are our top picks this year for the bare necessities:

Captain Fin x Tyler Warren Thruster Fins
Captain Fin x Chris Christenson Fins
CI x Dane Reynolds Comp Leash
East Wax

The Indoek Wavewam Teepee

This is the gift that just keeps on giving. It is perfect for a long day at the beach, reading, napping between sessions under the shade, stashing your gear while you surf. Dogs, kids, and babes love it. It’s a rad camping or back yard accessory and it also looks great indoors. The bamboo poles are collapsable and it all folds up into a portable carry bag.

Buy This Teepee


This awesome Spanish company recycles sails and other nautical finds into beautifully designed furniture and home stuff. Santa, are you listening? If I had to choose one thing off this list, I would get this chair:

The B&S Elondo Chair

Take Notes

If you are anything like us, you love notebooks. I would be lost without my Field Notes. Now I will never be lost if I also use this Best Made map notebook too. Write that down.

Field Notes Fall Drink Local Edition
Field Notes Winter Expedition Edition
Best Made Co. Map Notebook

Winter Sweaters

Everybody needs their go to sweater, especially around the holidays. Mine happens to be my Saturdays Ditch Hoodie, but I already have that, so here’s what I want!

M.Nii Moana Sweater
Saturdays Bowery Slash Crewneck Sweatshirt
Patagonia Diamond Quilt Snap-T Pullover
Norse Projects Sam Scottish Knit Sweater

Handmade, Artisinal Leather Goods. So Hot Right Now.

It’s easy to hate, but nothing beats a great leather wallet. These are two favorite brands out there and our favorite products they make:

Makr iPhone 5 Card Sleeve
Slowpoke Leather Tucson Wallet

Keep It Simple

Or if you’re not into the leather, Americana cowboy thing and you don’t need a George Costanza sized wallet, here are a couple rad options to help you slim down over the holidays:

Summer Bummer Zip Pouch
Capsule Minimilist Wallet

Mericuh, Fuck Ya.

Best Made has a pretty rad selection of classic wall-hanger Americana flags to help you stay true to your roots.

Best Made Historic American Flags

Mollusk Doesn’t Just Make Rad Tees

They also have some really well-made, simply designed clothing that captures the artistic and approachable vibe of the shop. Here are our 2 favorite pieces from their winter collection:

Mollusk Parka
Sunset Flannel

Oyo Mountain Products

The makers of Topo are really bringing the fun back to classic outdoor and mountain sport products. Check out this little modern hackie sack and recycled plastic frisbee:

Oyo Foot Bag
Oyo Frisbee

Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Hammocks could be my favorite household accessory of all time. It is an ideal fixture to nap in no matter where you are. This is a pretty sweet hammock right here:

Vineyard Haven Hammock


Every bro on your list needs a sweet pair of shades. So here are our 2 favorite new sunglasses this year:

Epokhe – Dusan
Smith + Holland – Hannon

Roark Revival

After a recent visit to Japan, I definitely became inspired by their craft when it comes to clothing, and most importantly their immaculate attention to detail. New Surf / travel lifestyle clothing brand, Roark nails the Japanese surf aesthetic with their latest collection. 3 of our favorite pieces are shown here — all so comfortable and durable. They also make some pretty rad items like a flask that is perfect for staying a little warmer than most during the holidays!

Sea Hobo Flask

Ty Williams Art

Instead of decorating your home with wall-hanger surfboards, why not class it up a little with some fancy artwork? Ty’s work is loose, playful and provocative. His series of watercolors on paper sold exclusively in our shop is priced to sell and frame ready, check them all out here:

Shop Ty Art

Surfrider Membership

No, it’s not the Human Fund. Surfrider Foundation supports us all by protecting our precious beaches and oceans. Do some real good this holiday season and sign yourself or your loved ones up to become members. This is truly the gift that will keep on giving!

Become A Member

Almond Blazer

Need a sports coat to don at all your holiday parties? Check out this blazer from Almond Surfboards that  features raw indigo denim French Terry. Throw it over a tee or dress it up with a collared shirt – either way the Edwards/Dora generation would be proud.

Buy Now

Pilgrim Surf + Supply

One of our favorite surf shops in New York (and overall), Pilgrim has got the whole product collaboration thing down proper. Check out their shop in Williamsburg, their new location in Amagansett, and their recently launched online shop for some serious goodies.

Shop Pilgrim

Saturdays Beach Soap

Need some stocking stuffers for the surfer on your list? These soaps by Saturdays and Baxter of California are the perfect fit. They come in an Atlantic and Pacific scent and of course have beautiful, simple packaging for us to drool over.

Buy Now

Native Cast Planters

Nothing spruces up your yard like some vegetation and succulents. One of our best bros back in Delaware makes these rad planters made of recycled concrete in native tree and wood casts. They look great outdoors and indoors. If not for you, do it for your lady, you can thank us later.

Buy Here

Matt Titone

A goofy-footed graphic designer who hails from the first state, Delaware. After attending Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL then graduating from SCAD in Savannah, GA with a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration, Matt moved to NYC and found work as a freelance designer and art director. In 2006 he moved west to Venice, CA where he co-founded ITAL/C Studio and now resides a bit further north in Oxnard.

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