alt-J (∆) Breezeblocks

Here’s a cleverly crafted video directed by Ellis Bahl. I can’t add much more without ruining the effect, but it’s a slow burn and it hits some interesting questions about morality. For instance, is morality absolute? We’re feeling all philosophical on this Thursday (bring on the weekend already). Next up let’s talk utilitarianism vs individual rights. Enjoy the video; it’s quicker than sitting through ethics class.

Drew Innis

A New Englander through and through, Drew grew up in Connecticut / New Hampshire and got over educated in Boston. He also lived on a beach in Southern California for some years. Film, photography, music and literature monopolize his time these days. Drew lives in Brooklyn, NY, eats too many cheeseburgers at the Commodore and hopes to carry on simply one day on a big piece of land by the sea without the computer or YouTube.

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