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Gator Country

Julien Roubinet
Julien Roubinet

Alligator Etiquette

1. Alligators are large, predatory, semiaquatic archosaurian reptiles. Absolutely do not touch the alligators.

2. Pets on leash only.

3. At all times, keep a safe distance. Do not assume the animals are slow or sluggish.

Julien Roubinet
Julien Roubinet


Million alligators in Florida


People killed by alligators in Florida since 2000

4. Alligators are ectothermic; avoid any alligator sunning itself.

5. If you see a pile of twigs, grasses and/or soil near the side of a trail, avoid it. It could be a nest. Mother alligators can be very aggressive.

6. When an alligator stands its ground and hisses, they are issuing a warning.

7. Feeding, harassment, taunting or mockery of alligators is strictly prohibited.

Julien Roubinet


Average teeth of an adult alligator

8. The alligator always has the right-of-way.

9. Do not be alarmed by cannibalism. A substantial portion of the diet of a large alligator may consist of medium and small alligators.

10. A group of alligators is called a “congregation.” If a congregation approaches you, turn around and go back the way you came.

Julien Roubinet
Julien Roubinet


Years an alligator can survive without a feeding


Hours an alligator can stay underwater, if necessary


Million years the Crocodylia group has existed

Julien Roubinet
Julien Roubinet


Year the American alligator was added to the endangered species list


Year the American alligator was removed from the endangered species list

Julien Roubinet

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Julien Roubinet

Born and raised in France, Julien is a self-taught photographer who recently moved to Los Angeles after 6 years in New York. He is fascinated by and documents the subcultures that have originated here and the individuals that create around them. He is really happy to surf quality waves every day, without a hood, gloves and boots and the ice-cream headaches that come with it. He doesn’t miss the A train.

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