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Every month we are updating a custom, curated Indoek Shop on Winter is fast approaching now and with it comes the holiday shopping season. So this month, we have assembled a collection of our favorite products for staying warm outside and cozy indoors – all offered at Huckberry’s great memeber discounts.

Every month we are updating a custom, curated Indoek Shop on Winter is fast approaching now and with it comes the holiday shopping season. So this month, we have assembled a collection of our favorite products for staying warm outside and cozy indoors – all offered at Huckberry’s great memeber discounts.

Finisterre Sweaters

The Bawden Crew sweater by Finisterre is a classic crew neck jumper in 100% Merino wool. The front of the jumper is knitted with a subtle textured moss stitch pattern whilst the back is finished in a classic knitted style, giving it a clean refined finish.

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Juniper Ridge Trail Soap

100% Wildcrafted and organic liquid soap that smells just like taking a hike through the cascades. Juniper Ridge’s first introduction into liquid soap features scents from real plants and tree boughs, extracted in house using pre-industrial perfume techniques – juice presses, converted whiskey stills, and copper pipes.

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Norden Planter

With winter coming up, we’re excited to introduce Norden’s new planters. This white speckle five inch planter is a great way to bring some green into your home.

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Topo Designs Fleece

Growing up around mountain towns in the West, the ubiquitous fleece made an impression on Topo Designs. The brand’s version has the simple styling cut for a trim fit that’s great either as a layer or a jacket on its own.

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Montara Throw by Julia Szendrei

Yak’s wool is softer than traditional sheep wool and lighter than cotton. That’s why the Julia Szendrei blankets are hand loomed with 100% with the stuff. Cozy up with one on the couch or bring it along to the camp fire.

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The Indoek Venice issue

The Venice issue is 84 pages of unique editorial content that features interviews with Dogtown legend Skip Engblom, Venice-born pro surfer Rick Massie, Chad Marshall of Mollusk Surf Shop, Surfing Cowboys, Lone Wolfs, and Deus Ex Machina, among others. Inside you’ll also find some beautiful photo essays from the likes of Kenny Hurtado, David Black, Peter Karnig, Kassia Meador and illustrations by Ty Williams.

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The Kinfolk Table Cookbook

One-third cookbook, one-third narrative tale and one-third international adventure, The Kinfolk Table is a collection of 85 delectable recipes spread over nearly 400 pages from creative types around the world. Filled with gorgeous photography and design you’re used to seeing in the magazine, the book will inspire your next small gathering. ABOUT THE BOOK: The book reflects ideas about the way entertaining should be: comfortable, simple, slow and meaningful. The Kinfolk team traveled around the world, sharing food and collecting ideas from our growing community of chefs, home cooks, designers, bloggers, photographers and others, many of whom contributed recipes to The Kinfolk Table.

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The James Brand Chapter Knife

With the Chapter knife, simple is significant. The titanium frame-lock construction is the simplest there is, with minimal moving parts and maintenance. The stainless steel blade holds an edge, doesn’t rust and as is easy to care for. In fact, we loved the knife’s execution so much, we had our friends at James Brand build a few exclusively for us — with subtle branding, custom anodized hits, and our signature topography print, laser-etched on the inside of the frame lock just to remind you that you’re carrying something a little extra-special, because this is a knife that you will use for a lifetime.

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Scout Paddle

The Scout Paddle by Sanborn Canoe Co. is an ode to that perfect summer day spent at the cabin. This design is painted on the Canoeist Heritage Paddle. With an elegantly traditional blade shape these are graceful in and out of the water. They’re perfect for lazy turns around the lake or for gracing the wall of your cabin. Each is a laminated combination of western red cedar, aspen and black walnut, and finished with a durable varnish dip.

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Woolrich x Huckberry Overshirt

Fusing the new technologies and modern fabrics with the best in classic timeless silhouettes, we’re awfully proud to bring you our take on the perfect cold-weather work shirt. See, each shirt is built from a washable wool blend specially developed by Woolrich that you can’t get anywhere else. We had it finished with all our favorite trimmings and cast in the vibrant colors of the places that inspire us most.

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Garrett Leight – The Kinney 49

Garrett Leight creates eyewear inspired by the most soulful individuals and iconic characters throughout history. The Kinney sunglasses sport a classic square frame made of transparent Leight Beige cellulose acetate for a subtle pop of color that will add that extra bit of panache to your summer’s finest duds.

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Poler Napsack

The Napsack by Poler is one of the more unique sleeping bags we’ve come across. Decked out with a bunch of cool features that blur the lines between bag and down jacket, it also sports a bottom cinch so you can stick your legs out, hike it up to your waist, cinch it again, and wear it around the campfire like a puffy coat. Now that’s versatility.

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Poler Rolltop

Poler’s take on the classic roll top features enough space to fit your lunch, computer and a change of clothes, or whatever else your next stomp-around requires. We added a front zip that opens to a separate pocket and compression straps to tie down stuff or keep your deliveries snug.

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Matt Titone

A goofy-footed graphic designer who hails from the first state, Delaware. After attending Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL then graduating from SCAD in Savannah, GA with a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration, Matt moved to NYC and found work as a freelance designer and art director. In 2006 he moved west to Venice, CA where he co-founded ITAL/C Studio and now resides a bit further north in Oxnard.

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