Indoek Is Ad Free

Indoek Is Ad Free

On this Super Bowl Sunday, we are reminded of all things great and bad about American values and consumerism. We not only see two teams of modern titans scrapping it out to be champions on the world’s largest stage, we also see how much money goes into advertising products that people don’t really need. We at Indoek pride ourselves in being an indie surf culture blog that is free of outside advertisements. We provide free content on a daily basis and our only form of revenue is from the sales of our products. All we ask in return is a little support to help us continue to do what we love.

We do this because we love to do it. We love cataloging our interests around creative surf culture, we love music, we love shooting photo and film content, designing stuff, making city guides to share our favorite local spots, etc. This is our outlet to share all that we love. All we ask is that if you love it as much as we do, if you love our mixtapes, our features and our content, please be a bro (or bra) and show your support by sporting one of our tees and spreading the love by sharing us on Facebook or Twitter. We really appreciate all the support we have had from all of our followers and we look forward to producing more great content that will distract you from your boring desk job!

Here are some of our favorite pieces of content we have produced:

The Indoek Guide To NYC (for the Quik Pro)

The Indoek Guide To NYC Google Map

Tuesday With Laura

Mixtape Mondays Volume 75 (The Best Of)

Indoek Wax Kit

We hope that you have enjoyed this stuff as much as we have. Again, we really appreciate the support and we look forward to stoking you out while you are tied to the interwebs even more in the future.

/ Matt + Drew

Matt Titone

A goofy-footed graphic designer who hails from the first state, Delaware. After attending Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL then graduating from SCAD in Savannah, GA with a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration, Matt moved to NYC and found work as a freelance designer and art director. In 2006 he moved west to Venice, CA where he co-founded ITAL/C Studio and now resides a bit further north in Oxnard.

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