If you’re like me, in some sense, you spend hours plugged into your machine; whether listening to music, editing video, massaging photos or trolling the Internet and its worm holes. Your desk real estate is sacred space (or at least is should be) and another item like headphones and their sinuous wires are just another much unwanted source of anxiety. The Machook elevates the frequently used accessory when their not in use. Nano-suction technology attaches the elegant Baltic Birch hook to your iMac or Thunderbolt display effortlessly and best of all without using any adhesives.

Drew Innis

A New Englander through and through, Drew grew up in Connecticut / New Hampshire and got over educated in Boston. He also lived on a beach in Southern California for some years. Film, photography, music and literature monopolize his time these days. Drew lives in Brooklyn, NY, eats too many cheeseburgers at the Commodore and hopes to carry on simply one day on a big piece of land by the sea without the computer or YouTube.

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