North To Noosa

Late last year I went to Indonesia to work on another film for Deus Ex Machina Motorcycles with director and photographer, Dustin Humphrey. North To Noosa is a short documenting the journey of three young surfers as they make their way north from Sydney to Noosa. Laden with surfboards and camping equipment, the surfers battle the elements as they ride custom motorcycles through floods and rain squalls, finding uncrowded waves along the way. Written and narrated by Harrison Roach, the film showcases the East Coast of Australia’s most iconic surf destinations. Watch as Harrison, Matt Cuddihy, and Husni Ridwan experience the highs and lows of a great Australian road trip. The trailer is live now, and the full film will be available to watch in March.

Featuring: Harrison Roach, Matt Cuddihy, Husni Ridwan, Dave Rastovich, Zye Norris, Jared Mell, Thomas Bexon, and more.

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