Every so often I catch myself reminiscing of hot, humid, and lazy teenage summer days, when going back to school in September seemed like a distant spec on the calendar’s horizon. Those three month stretches seemed like they would last forever and then in a blink you were back to crisp, cool mornings waiting for the bus to pick you up. Fortunately Joel Sternfeld, a great American photographer and probably the godfather of “street” photography, was able to capture those fleeting moments. They’ve been out now for a while, but I became super nostalgic to stumble upon Sternfeld’s photographs of summer days in Nags Head, North Carolina. Having grown up just a stones throw away from Nags Head in the Virginia Beach, Virginia area and also born in ’75 (damn I’m getting old), these images put a smile on my face as I spent many a summers on the Outer Banks. The photos are part of a larger collection of images found in his book:

Joel Sternfeld: First Pictures

Ron Thompson

Hailing from Virginia Beach, Ron did some time in NYC before calling the city of Angels his home back in 2005. A man of eclectic interests, he’s played drums in punk bands, designs and sews pillow covers, rides his bike over driving at all costs, and travels the world as much as possible in search of visual & edible inspiration. Most of his time is now spent as designer and creative director running ITAL/C Studio with Matt.

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