Paper Mag – An Oral History Of Max Fish

I do not consider myself a New Yorker or claim to have any OG bragging rights to Max Fish and the Lower East Side. But I will say this, when I lived in NYC about 10 years ago now, Max Fish was my go-to bar every damn night for almost 2 years (that probably sounds bad). Sometimes for an hour or two, sometimes til the sun came up, sometimes for just a quick pop in to see who was in there, but I had a serious “Max Fish era” in my life that also happened to be one of the best times in my life. Even after not living in the city for many years now, I was seriously bummed to see that my favorite bar ever closed. I know there will be a new location in Brooklyn (if there isn’t already), but there’s no way it’ll be the same. RIP Max Fish. This article on Paper Mag brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye:

Matt Titone

A goofy-footed graphic designer who hails from the first state, Delaware. After attending Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL then graduating from SCAD in Savannah, GA with a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration, Matt moved to NYC and found work as a freelance designer and art director. In 2006 he moved west to Venice, CA where he co-founded ITAL/C Studio and now resides a bit further north in Oxnard.

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