PDFW / Slow Culture

Tucked away in LA’s historic Chinatown district you’ll find the newly relocated gallery Slow Culture. With a punk / DIY / basement show vibe, Slow Culture feels like a breath of fresh air.Somewhere along the way, art stopped being fun. As corporations rush to invest in contemporary art, so much of the art world feels like a commodity driven market. Slow Culture seems to be throwing that the middle finger. Their current show “PDFW: Performance. Drawing. Film. Writing”, is an exhibition by the secret international art club DFW. Grainy Zines, wacked out videos, neon prints and tongue in cheek slogans fill the room. Sponsored by Obey and Vans, the show feels cool without being exclusive. Don’t you remember shooting weird photos with a disposable camera, scattering colored pencils on the floor to pick from, tagging bathroom stalls with a magic marker? That’s art, let’s not forget. I don’t think Slow Culture has. Check it out at 943 N. Hill St. Los Angeles, CA 90012. PDFW runs till April 3rd.

All Photos by Sean Martin


Sean Martin

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