Perpetual Ocean

The other week we posted about Wind Map: a beautiful visualization of wind vector paths tracing the US in real time. Perpetual Ocean is a visualization of ocean current flow data around the world and was produced using NASA computational models. The visualization takes on a beautiful quality that feels less like the representation of collected data and more like the gestural strokes of a late Van Gogh. In all it reminds us, quite viscerally, that our planet is very much a living and breathing system with many complicated and intertwined variables.

Drew Innis

A New Englander through and through, Drew grew up in Connecticut / New Hampshire and got over educated in Boston. He also lived on a beach in Southern California for some years. Film, photography, music and literature monopolize his time these days. Drew lives in Brooklyn, NY, eats too many cheeseburgers at the Commodore and hopes to carry on simply one day on a big piece of land by the sea without the computer or YouTube.

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