S/Double Surfboard




As we mentioned a while back, Shawn Stussy is now into making surfboards. This signature model, the –˜Twin Fin,’ is a prototype hybrid that incorporates modified versions of the egg and Simmons design. The sleek 6.8–³ x 22–³ board features the signature Simmons twin fins on the belly coupled with minimal branding. Check out the new official site for more details soon.


Matt Titone

A goofy-footed graphic designer who hails from the first state, Delaware. After attending Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL then graduating from SCAD in Savannah, GA with a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration, Matt moved to NYC and found work as a freelance designer and art director. In 2006 he moved west to Venice, CA where he co-founded ITAL/C Studio and now resides a bit further north in Oxnard.

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