Imagine you’ve just received a $2 million dollar signing bonus with the Toronto Blue Jay’s as a future star pitcher, and also inked an endorsement deal with Nike…oh, and you’re only 21 years old. Pretty sure a good portion of you reading this would buy quite a few shiny new toys amongst other things (I know I probably would). But not Daniel Norris. He’s decided to live a life of restraint in his 1978 Westfalia camper that he bought for $10,000 and park it right in front of the closest beach. Call him crazy or not, one thing’s for certain, Norris doesn’t care. He knows who he is, plus he’s got a 92-mph fastball to back it up. Check out the full article on ESPN here:

The Man In The Van

Ron Thompson

Hailing from Virginia Beach, Ron did some time in NYC before calling the city of Angels his home back in 2005. A man of eclectic interests, he’s played drums in punk bands, designs and sews pillow covers, rides his bike over driving at all costs, and travels the world as much as possible in search of visual & edible inspiration. Most of his time is now spent as designer and creative director running ITAL/C Studio with Matt.

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