The Vanual

Filmmaker, Zack Both, converts his van into a livable studio for living on the move. He also created an in depth manual for anyone ambitious enough to take on a similar DYI project. He breaks down step by step on each phase of the project and not only tells you what materials and tools to use but lets you in on some tips and tricks that he figured out the hard way. Not a bad camper for $15k.

Sam Titone

Sam hails from a little state called Delaware and grew up chasing beach break barrels and empty pools along the east coast. After spending 5 years in Georgia getting his masters degree, surfing and skating what ever he could find, he made the move to LA where he found works at various architectural studios. Now living and working as an Architectural designer in NYC by day, he also keeps a hand on any building projects he can stay involved with in his spare time.

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