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DJ Javier
"Sari Sari"

Please join us for the opening reception of “Sari Sari,” a solo exhibit featuring the art of DJ Javier.

When: Saturday, May 25th from 4–8pm PST

Where: Indoek, 432 N. Ventura Ave. Studio 30, Ventura, CA 93035 USA

Stay tuned for more info. This page will update as we get closer to the show opening.

Please email for a preview of works for sale or any other inquiries.

About The Artist

D.J. Javier is a Santa Barbara-based Filipino-American artist whose dynamic work spans across fine art, graphic design, large scale murals and consumer goods. His body of work is a vibrant testament to his cultural heritage, personal experiences and the countercultural landscapes of Southern California. Javier’s art is recognized for its unique blend of bold silhouettes and bright colors, often featuring motifs that explore his cultural identity as a first-generation Filipino American reflecting a deeper engagement with his roots.

Javier has been involved in projects supporting BIPOC and uses his platform to address issues like inclusivity and representation. His approach to art is deeply personal, drawing inspiration from memories and experiences to create pieces that resonate on an emotional level with viewers.

Javier has collaborated with clients that include Vans, Netflix, Star Wars, Shake Shack, Spiderman, Billabong, LA Rams, LA Kings, LAFC, Adidas, Amazon and is a global ambassador for Stance. DJ has been covered in publications such as Juxtapose, Surfer’s Journal, CNN and the LA Times and gave a Tedx talk in 2024.

Javier has painted multi-story large scale murals across the US in cities including New York City, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, San Diego and Santa Barbara. He owns and operates his creative studio, Bayan Surf Club, in Santa Barbara, California and his two brands Canto Vision and Lumpia Surf Team.

Sari Sari

The term sari-sari, pronounced “sah-ree – sah-ree” in Tagalog, translates to “variety” or “assorted kinds.” In the Philippines, sari-sari stores are quintessential neighborhood hubs—compact spaces brimming with an eclectic mix of everyday items, from toiletries and snacks to homewares. This exhibition at Indoek, titled “Sari-Sari,” mirrors the diversity inherent in DJ Javier’s heritage and his experiences growing up in Southern California. His artwork is a vibrant tapestry that weaves together his Filipino roots with the dynamic aesthetics of So-Cal surf and street culture. As you explore the gallery, you will encounter pieces like ‘Harana,’ which revives the traditional Filipino courtship practice of serenading beneath a loved one’s window, and ‘Sabong’ which depicts a man and his rooster used in cock fighting. Other works in the exhibit draw upon the vivid, often raw energy of Southern California’s urban scenes. The repetitive palm tree motif is a dual symbol of Javier’s island heritage and the familiar palm lined streets of southern California. “Sari-Sari” is more than a title — it is a celebration of hybrid identities and the rich, layered narratives that emerge when diverse cultures converge. Through his art, DJ Javier offers a unique perspective, inviting viewers to delve into a world where heritage and contemporary culture thrive together in harmony.

Come visit the gallery while this exhibit is on view from May 25th through July 14th, 2024 — it is not to be missed!

432 N. Ventura Ave.
Studio 30
Ventura, CA 93001

Thursdays — Sundays
12–5pm PST
(or by appointment otherwise)

For more information on all the art featured in this exhibit, please download the price sheet here:

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